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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Architect Construction & Real Estate Podgorica small company 800 EUR
gender_icon Administrative Worker Administration Bar n/a 25-34 300 EUR
gender_icon Lorry Driver Transport, Haulage, Logistics Podgorica medium company 25-34 800 EUR
gender_icon Warehouseman Transport, Haulage, Logistics Podgorica small company <24 350 EUR
gender_icon Digital marketing specialist Marketing, Advertising, PR Podgorica medium company 25-34 1,000 EUR
gender_icon Controller Economy, Finance, Accountancy Kotor medium company 25-34 1,400 EUR
gender_icon Payroll Clerk Economy, Finance, Accountancy Bijelo Polje large company 25-34 480 EUR
gender_icon Architect Construction & Real Estate Podgorica small company 25-34 900 EUR
gender_icon Copywriter Marketing, Advertising, PR Podgorica small company 500 EUR
gender_icon General Labourer General labour Herceg Novi medium company <24 400 EUR